Disney+ & Hulu UNITE! New Mega App Coming Soon for Bundle Subscribers?

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Disney is on the brink of achieving full ownership of Hulu and has exciting plans for subscribers of both Disney+ and Hulu. CEO Bob Iger recently unveiled that next month, a beta version of an app integrating Disney+ and Hulu will hit the market, offering a unified and seamless experience for subscribers.

Deal Progress: What’s Happening?

Disney’s quest for complete ownership of Hulu involves closing a deal with Comcast to acquire NBCUniversal’s 33% stake in Hulu. The financial details suggest Disney will pay at least $8.61 billion to Comcast, with the final price contingent upon an evaluation of Hulu’s market value by both parties’ bankers.

Unification for Subscribers: What to Expect?

The anticipated one-app experience, set to debut in December as a beta version, targets subscribers of the two-service bundle. This beta launch allows parents time to establish necessary parental controls. The full-scale launch is expected by spring 2024 (around late March), enabling Disney+ users access to adult-oriented Hulu content.

Strategic Goals: What Disney Aims For?

Disney foresees numerous benefits from this integration, including increased engagement, heightened ad revenue, reduced customer acquisition costs, and lower churn rates. This initiative aligns with the company’s pursuit of enhanced value and a more streamlined customer experience.

Global Expansion and Financial Outlook

While the merger of Disney+ and Hulu services into one app suggests a potential global launch for the Hulu brand, no official announcement has been made. The company’s fourth-quarter performance for fiscal year 2023 showcased substantial growth in Disney+ subscriptions, reaching 150.2 million overall. The streaming business saw a significant improvement, moving towards profitability by the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2024.

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