S’more on The Masked Singer Season 10: Revealing the Face Behind the Mask, Song Selections, Clues, and Theories

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The excitement is soaring as The Masked Singer returns for its grand tenth season. This season promises bigger reveals and even more outlandish costumes. Among these extravagant disguises, S’more stands out as a walking, talking toasted treat, complete with flames on their legs and hat.

This larger-than-life character is sure to bring the heat to the stage, but the big question is, who is the hidden talent behind S’more in The Masked Singer Season 10?

Social Media Teaser

To give fans a head start in their guessing game, The Masked Singer social media team has released a teaser video featuring S’more.

Theories and Speculation

The social media post about S’more has sparked various theories and speculations. The post reads, “Can you guess who’s roasting our stage?” The term “roasting” is rich in symbolism, considering S’more’s appearance as a giant graham cracker with melted chocolate and toasty marshmallow. However, it could also be a hint about the person under the mask. “Roasting” might suggest a celebrity chef who frequently roasts food in the kitchen or even a comedian known for their comedic roasting routines. With these multiple interpretations of “roasting,” the possibilities are intriguing.

Panelists’ Guesses

The panelists are known for their witty guesses, and on the premiere night, they made some predictions regarding S’more’s identity, including Joey McIntyre, Justin Guarini, and Kevin Richardson. On NFL Night, the guesses included JC Chasez, Kevin Richardson, and Simu Liu. More guesses are expected on 2000s Night.

Song Picks

S’more has already wowed the audience with their performances, singing different songs on various themed nights. On Premiere Night, they performed “Slow Hands” by Niall Horan. On NFL Night, it was “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5, and on 2000s Night, they sang “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White Ts.

Show Clues

The Masked Singer is famous for embedding clever clues throughout the show. Here are some of the clues provided by S’more:

  • Premiere Night Clues: “Starring S’more” served on a film platter. “As you can tell, I’m very talented on and off stage.”
  • NFL Night Clues: Desean Jackson presented oranges as the clue. “I tasted victory before and it’s so sweet, I hope to do so again here at The Masked Singer.”
  • 2000s Night Clues: Lance Bass presented the clue, which was “S’more Bros 2000 Tour.” “2000s were a busy time for me. I was busy touring with my bros.”

Where to Watch

Don’t miss a moment of The Masked Singer Season 10. The show airs every Wednesday at 8 pm ET/PT on Fox, and you can stream it on Hulu the following day. Join in on the fun and anticipation as we await the grand revelation of S’more and other masked singers in this thrilling season of The Masked Singer.

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