Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: How to Prestige

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For long-time Call of Duty players, the Prestige system has been a badge of honor, showcasing a player’s dedication to the game and their willingness to reset progress for bragging rights and unique emblems. Modern Warfare 3, set to introduce its Prestige system with Season 1, brings back this iconic feature. Here’s what players need to know about Prestige in MW3.

Modern Warfare 3’s Upcoming Prestige System

As of now, Modern Warfare 3 does not have an active Prestige system. Players eagerly anticipating the challenge of Prestiging will need to wait until Season 1 drops on December 6th. Keep an eye on official announcements for confirmed dates.

How to Prestige in Modern Warfare 3

Once the Prestige system arrives, players must first achieve rank 55 in the MW3 multiplayer to unlock the Prestige option. This involves engaging in various activities like completing objectives, securing kills, and finishing matches to swiftly climb the ranks. Upon reaching level 55, players will automatically transition into Prestige levels, starting with rank 56. Reaching level 55 also rewards players with unique Prestige emblems, a testament to their dedication.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Prestige

Following the tradition of previous COD titles, if Modern Warfare 3 adopts a Prestige system akin to Modern Warfare 2, each Prestige level in Season 1 will consist of 50 additional levels. Season 1 is expected to have 5 Prestige levels, with each Prestige level covering 50 additional ranks:

  • Prestige 1: Level 56 to 99
  • Prestige 2: Level 100 to 149
  • Prestige 3: Level 150 to 199
  • Prestige 4: Level 200 to 249
  • Prestige 5: Level 250

Unlike the Prestige system in earlier COD titles, where players lost gear and equipment upon Prestiging, Modern Warfare 3 adopts a player-friendly approach. Players will retain all the gear and equipment they’ve earned and unlocked, eliminating the need to reacquire weapons and mastery camos.

This evolution in the Prestige system aligns with the new standard in the Call of Duty franchise, allowing players to carry forward their hard-earned weapons from one title to the next.

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