Call of Duty MW3: How To Unlock The Gilded Camo

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In the relentless world of Call of Duty, players often find themselves immersed in the pursuit of mastery camos, with each new title bringing its unique set of challenges and rewards. Modern Warfare 3 introduces the Gilded Camo, a shiny and metallic aesthetic that adds a touch of gold to the player’s arsenal.

Unlocking this prestigious camo involves a series of challenges, and here’s a comprehensive guide on how to obtain the Gilded Camo in MW3.

Steps to Unlock the Gilded Camo:

  1. Complete Base Camo Challenges:
    • Choose a weapon of your preference and embark on completing various challenges, such as achieving 50 kills with that specific weapon. These challenges will unlock four different base camos.
  2. Gilded Camo Challenge:
    • After completing the base camo challenges, the next step is to tackle the Gilded Camo challenge specific to the chosen weapon. For example, the challenge might be “Get 3 Operator kills with 1 magazine 10 times with the BAS-B.”
  3. Repeat for Other Weapons:
    • To extend the golden touch to other weapons, players must follow the same process for each weapon category they desire to adorn with the Gilded Camo. The challenges for different weapons vary, offering a diverse set of objectives.

Examples of Gilded Camo Challenges:

  1. KVD Enforcer:
    • Objective: Get 10 kills with the KVD Enforcer while using a laser attachment.
  2. Holger 556:
    • Objective: Get 3 Operator kills with the Holger 556 with 1 magazine 10 times.
  3. AMR9:
    • Objective: Get 10 kills with the AMR9 without the enemy damaging you.
  4. MTZ 556:
    • Objective: Get 3 Operator kills with the MTZ-556 with 1 magazine 10 times.
  5. Rival-9:
    • Objective: Get 10 kills with the Rival-9 without the enemy damaging you.

Camo Exclusivity:

The Gilded Camo earned through these challenges is exclusive to MW3 weapons. Weapons carried forward from MW2 have their own set of completionist camos, and the Gilded Camo cannot be applied to them.

Contributing to Mastery Camos:

Unlocking the Gilded Camo isn’t just a standalone achievement; it paves the way for other mastery camos, including the Forged Camo and the coveted Interstellar Camo. Progressing through Gilded Camo Challenges within a weapon category contributes toward unlocking higher-tier camos.

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