Call of Duty Warzone: Quick Guide To Complete Silent Op Mission

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In the relentless battleground of Call of Duty’s DMZ mode, mastering the art of stealth becomes a pivotal skill for operators seeking to complete challenging missions and earn valuable rewards. Among these covert endeavors, the Silent Op mission stands out, demanding precision, caution, and a deadly touch to navigate two objectives without raising the alarm.

The Silent Op Objectives:

  1. Eliminate 15 enemies from a range of over 40 meters without being detected.
  2. Eliminate 15 enemies from a range of under 10 meters without being detected.

The Stealthy Approach:

Loadout Preparation:

Players preparing for the Silent Op mission must carefully select their loadout to ensure optimal stealth and lethality. Stealth weapons, including sniper rifles, assault rifles, battle rifles, and Marksman rifles, take center stage. Equipping these rifles with a silencer is paramount to remain undetected while executing precision kills.

Tactical Spawning:

Choosing the right spawning location is crucial. The desert area of Al Mazrah provides a sprawling landscape with scattered enemies, allowing operators to move discreetly and strategically without drawing unnecessary attention.

Objective 1: Long-Range Elimination (Over 40 meters):

  1. Identify an enemy-occupied house and locate nearby high ground with ample cover.
  2. Utilize the tagging/pinging system to confirm the distance between the high ground and the target enemies (ensuring it exceeds 40 meters).
  3. Execute precise headshots, eliminating enemies one by one before they can respond.

Objective 2: Close-Range Elimination (Under 10 meters):

  1. Employ a vehicle as a mobile vantage point to approach smaller groups of enemies or isolated individuals.
  2. Select targets strategically and eliminate them swiftly and silently to achieve the required close-range kills.

Rewards for Mastery:

Completing the Silent Op mission is a testament to an operator’s skill in covert operations. The rewards include:

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  • 600 Shadow Company faction reputation points.
  • Acquisition of the formidable RAAL machine gun.
  • 15,000 XP, reflecting the operator’s progression and expertise.

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