Modern Warfare 3: The Completion Time for the Latest Call of Duty Campaign

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The duration to complete the campaign in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023) can vary based on the player’s approach and playstyle. Here’s an overview of the estimated completion times for different scenarios:

Standard Narrative Playthrough:

If you focus solely on progressing through the main narrative and missions without delving into additional challenges or achievements, the Modern Warfare 3 campaign is expected to take around six hours to complete. This duration is a general estimate and may vary depending on the player’s familiarity with the game mechanics and the chosen difficulty level. Higher difficulty settings could extend the playtime.

Completionist Run:

For players aiming to unlock every achievement and complete all challenges in a thorough completionist run, the time investment increases significantly. Many players report that achieving 100% completion, including rare and challenging achievements, can take approximately 30 to 36 hours. The additional time is attributed to the diverse set of tasks, challenges, and collectibles that need attention to unlock the full range of trophies.

Trophy Challenges and Achievements:

Modern Warfare 3 features a total of 40 trophies, offering players a mix of objectives and challenges to pursue. Some trophies may be particularly demanding, such as completing the story in Veteran mode, adding an extra layer of difficulty for those seeking a comprehensive achievement list.

The inclusion of a highly anticipated zombie mode in Modern Warfare 3 adds another layer of gameplay for those interested in exploring the undead-themed content. However, the specific impact of the zombie mode on the overall campaign completion time will depend on the player’s engagement with this additional game mode.

In summary, the duration to complete the Modern Warfare 3 campaign can range from a relatively quick six hours for a narrative-focused playthrough to a more extensive 30 to 36 hours for those aiming to unlock all achievements and trophies.

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