Fortnite OG: A Guide on Acquiring the Free Runway Racer Skin

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As Fortnite Season OG unfolds, players have the opportunity to earn the Velocity Chic cosmetic set through the Runway Racer quests. This guide provides all the details players need to know about the free Velocity Chic set, including the items featured and the quests to complete.

How to Get the Runway Racer Quests

Fortnite Free Runway Racer Skin

The Runway Racer quest pack will be automatically added to players’ accounts when they log into Fortnite between November 16 and December 11, 2023. This quest pack is available for free, and players will have until January 1, 2024, to complete the quests before they expire.

Unlocking the Runway Racer Cosmetic Items

Fortnite Free Runway Racer Skin

To obtain the Velocity Chic set, players need to complete specific quests by leveling up their Fortnite accounts. Here are the quests and the corresponding cosmetic items:

  1. Earn 5 account levels: Premiere Poms harvesting tool
  2. Earn 20 account levels: Haute Hustle wrap
  3. Earn 35 account levels: Auto Clutch back bling
  4. Earn 50 account levels: Runway Racer skin

Players have nearly two months to accumulate XP and level up their accounts to unlock these items. The deadline for completing the quests is January 1, 2024. It’s essential for players to focus on earning as much XP as possible to ensure they acquire all the items in the Velocity Chic set.

For those who may not complete all the quests in time, there is a possibility that the Velocity Chic items may become available in the Item Shop as a bundle at a later date, offering a chance to obtain them with a potential discount.

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