Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks: What to Expect

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As the highly anticipated announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI approaches, leaks from over a year ago are resurfacing, offering a tantalizing glimpse into what might be in store for players. While the final version may differ from the leaked content, revisiting these details provides an exciting preview of the potential features and elements of GTA VI.

Protagonists: Lucia and Jason

Confirming an earlier report from Bloomberg, the leaks reveal that GTA VI will introduce a female protagonist, a first in the history of the series. The game is set to revolve around two playable characters named Lucia and Jason. Players can seamlessly switch between these characters, similar to the mechanic introduced in GTA V. The leaks showcase the appearance and names of these protagonists, adding a layer of depth to the upcoming narrative.

Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks- Lucia and Jason

Significance of Robberies

Drawing inspiration from the Bonnie & Clyde theme, GTA VI appears to place a heightened focus on heists and robberies. The leaks showcase various tools for criminal activities, including crowbars, lock picks, and location trackers. Detailed interactions with the environment are highlighted, with the ability to adjust car seats, mirrors, and engage in more immersive interactions with NPCs.

Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks- Robberies

City Setting: Vice City in the Present

Returning to a beloved location, GTA VI is set to take players back to Vice City, a fictional version of Miami. The leaks showcase details such as public transportation labelled “Vice City Metro,” a soccer team named “Vice City Mambas,” and police cars marked with “VCPD” (Vice City Police Department). However, a significant departure from the iconic ’80s setting of the original Vice City, this instalment is firmly rooted in the present, reflecting the modern United States with contemporary technology, cell phones, and current events.

Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks- Vice City

Soundtrack Teasers

While subject to change, the leaked gameplay videos feature early selections for the in-game radio soundtrack. Some of the songs include “Cash Sh*t Featuring Da Baby” by Megan Thee Stallion, “Time Bomb” by The Ramones, and “30 Days In The Hole” by Humble Pie. Additionally, a glimpse of the original score, possibly by Tangerine Dream, is showcased during a heist sequence.

Weapons Arsenal

The leaked videos provide a glimpse of the weapons players can expect in GTA VI. The classic weapon wheel makes a return, featuring an array of weapons, including traditional firearms like pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Notably, the leaks also hint at the inclusion of unconventional weapons such as a spear gun and melee options like baseball bats, golf clubs, and pool cues.

Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks- Weapons Arsenal

Other Notable Details

Beyond the major highlights, the leaks reveal additional features such as expanded environmental interactions, including the ability to manipulate specific parts of objects. Random events in the game world, like the appearance of aggressive dogs, add dynamic elements. The leaks also suggest a sophisticated NPC interaction system, reminiscent of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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