Modern Warfare 3: Ranked List of the Best Handguns in Call of Duty

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In the chaotic world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the importance of secondary weapons cannot be overstated, and among them, handguns stand out as versatile and reliable options. As players navigate through the intense battles, having a dependable sidearm can be the key to survival when primary weapons run dry.

This guide explores the best handguns in MW3, each with unique attributes, firing speeds, and damage capabilities that make them formidable tools on the battlefield.

9mm Daemon:

Modern Warfare 3 9mm Daemon

How to Unlock: Reach Level 4

The 9mm Daemon, chambered with 9mm ammunition, is a semi-automatic pistol boasting a rapid-fire rate. With consistently average stats, it provides players with a reliable sidearm for close-quarters combat. Its quick semi-automatic fire rate allows for precise kills, making it an excellent choice for dodging and weaving between covers against more powerful assault rifles.


Modern Warfare 3 COR-45

How to Unlock: Reach Level 4

Chambered with .45 Auto rounds, the COR-45 offers excellent handling, mobility, and decent recoil control. This semi-automatic weapon becomes a valuable tool for clearing enemies out of buildings and eliminating hostiles with its quick trigger finger. The COR-45’s strength lies in the hands that wield it, making it a powerful asset in the hands of skilled players.


Modern Warfare 3 Renetti

How to Unlock: Reach Level 21

The Renetti boasts a decent recoil control and a staggering fire rate, making it a formidable choice for players who can master its quick shots. With a combination of power and handling, the Renetti becomes a powerhouse on the battlefield, offering a balanced option for those who seek both firepower and control.


Modern Warfare 3 TYR

How to Unlock: Reach Level 50

The TYR, a deadly revolver chambered with 12.7x55mm rounds, stands out as a powerful hand cannon. While lacking in close-quarter situations due to recoil and mobility, its high damage and range make it a grand alternative for players looking for a devastating sidearm. The TYR unleashes powerful shots, living up to its Norse god-inspired name.

GS Magna:

Modern Warfare 3 GS Magna

How to Unlock: Reach Level 55

Another .50 Cal pistol, the GS Magna surprises with its surprisingly rapid fire rate for such heavy-caliber bullets. Its fully automatic capabilities and dangerous rate of fire make it a deadly option in close-quarters combat. Players need to master its recoil and accuracy to fully capitalize on its destructive potential.

.50 GS:

Modern Warfare 3 .50 GS

How to Unlock: Reach Level 55

Armed with .50 Cal rounds, the .50 GS ensures maximum destruction, although at a slower fire rate and lacking recoil control. While not ideal for rapid-fire situations, this handgun serves as a handheld sniper, offering precision and power. Players who can handle its slow rate of fire will find the .50 GS to be a potent weapon for long-range engagements.

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