Play Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer EARLY on ALL Platforms! Step-by-Step Guide, Insider Hacks, and Exclusive Access Revealed!

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Excitement is building as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) gears up for its global release on November 9, 2023. However, for eager players who can’t wait, there’s a way to access the multiplayer mode early. This article will guide you through the steps to get a head start on the gaming action on all supported platforms.

Global Release Rollout:

Modern Warfare 3 will launch globally, but not all at once. Activision is opting for a staggered release to control server loads. New Zealand gets the privilege of being the first to dive into the game at midnight on November 9, 2023 (3 am PT). The worldwide rollout will be complete by 10 pm PT on the same day.

Early Access on PC

For PC users playing on Steam, there are potential methods to access the MW3 multiplayer mode ahead of the official launch:

  1. VPN Usage: You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to change your region to New Zealand, providing early access to the multiplayer. However, be cautious, as Steam strictly prohibits VPN usage, and it may lead to a permanent account ban.
  2. Change Steam Account Region: Another method involves changing your Steam account’s region by purchasing a game in a different currency. This can be achieved by buying a Steam gift card online for another region. However, your payment method must match your chosen country.

Changing Account Region:

If you’re using, the process involves:

  1. VPN Utilization: Similar to Steam, you can use a VPN to alter your region. Officially changing your location requires submitting proof of relocation, like utility bills, to confirm the shift.

Remember, games on your account are region-based. A significant change in location might lead to server connection issues in the future.

Early Access on PlayStation

PlayStation users can try the following steps:

  1. Create a New PSN User: Generate a new PSN user on your console and select the desired region (like New Zealand). This new account may need to use the game share feature to access MW3, but this comes with potential risks.

Early Access on Xbox

Xbox players can follow these steps:

  • Update Xbox Account Information: Log into your Xbox console, go to account settings, navigate to “Edit profile info,” and update the required information under Country/Region and Postcode.

However, Microsoft advises against changing your region again for at least three months.

Caution and Recommendation

While the allure of early access is tempting, it’s crucial to note the potential risks. Changing your region may lead to irreversible consequences, and developers have not confirmed if game-sharing options will be enabled.

In conclusion, it’s advisable to exercise patience and wait for the official launch in your region. Taking risky steps might result in being locked out. Stay tuned for more updates on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 through Celebritate.

Happy gaming!

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