Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Mastery Camos Revealed

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Call of Duty enthusiasts, rejoice!

The official details on the Mastery Camos in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer have been unveiled, providing players with a new set of challenges and camos to conquer. From familiar favourites to brand-new designs, the game promises an exciting journey for camo enthusiasts.

Here’s a breakdown of all the details you need to know:

Mastery Camo Lineup:

According to the official Call of Duty blog, players can anticipate a total of 12 Mastery Camos for Modern Warfare 3. These camos are not only limited to multiplayer but also extend to Modern Warfare 2 weapons and the captivating world of Zombies. The challenges for each camo type may vary, offering a diverse set of tasks for players to accomplish.

Here’s a list of all the Mastery Camos in MW3:

  1. Gilded
  2. Forged
  3. Priceless
  4. Interstellar
  5. Golden Ivory
  6. Spinel Husk
  7. Arachnida
  8. Bioluminescent
  9. Golden Enigma
  10. Zircon Scale
  11. Serpentine
  12. Borealis

The first four Mastery Camos (Gilded, Forged, Priceless, and Interstellar) are accessible for MW3 multiplayer, while the rest are exclusive to MW3 Zombies. Additionally, specific camos within this list are designed for use with MW2 weapons, adding an extra layer of complexity to the challenges.

Unlocking Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Mastery Camos:

To unlock the new Mastery Camos in MW3 multiplayer, players must follow specific criteria for each camo type:


  • Complete all Base Camo Challenges for the weapon.
  • Complete an individual Gilded Challenge tailored to the specific weapon.


  • Complete the Gilded Camo Challenge for the weapon.
  • Complete additional Gilded Camo challenges for weapons in the same category.
  • Complete an individual Forged Challenge tailored to the specific weapon.


  • Complete the Forged Camo challenge for the specific weapon.
  • Complete a total of 37 Forged Camo challenges for MW3 weapons.
  • Complete an individual Forged Challenge tailored to the specific weapon.


  • Complete a total of 37 Priceless Camo challenges for MW3 weapons.

These challenges add depth and excitement to the gaming experience, ensuring that players are not only skilled marksmen but also masters of unique challenges.

As the release of Modern Warfare 3 draws near, players are eagerly anticipating the thrill of conquering these Mastery Camos. Stay tuned to Celebriate’s Gaming section for the latest updates and news, and get ready to showcase your mastery in the world of Call of Duty. Happy gaming!

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