Modern Warfare 3: How to Get Operator Kingslayer Kills in Call of Duty

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In the fierce multiplayer arenas of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), asserting dominance requires not only skill but also strategic takedowns of the top scorers on the opposing side.

Operator Kingslayer kills, achieved by defeating the reigning King, become a sought-after accomplishment for players aiming to complete challenges and showcase their prowess. Here’s a comprehensive guide on understanding and securing Operator Kingslayer kills in MW3.

Understanding Operator Kingslayer Kills: Unmasking the Top Dog

Operator Kingslayer kills are earned by successfully eliminating the top scorer on the opposing team. In MW3, the leaderboard prominently displays the scores of each player, designating the individual at the highest rank as the King.

To secure an Operator Kingslayer kill, players must take down the current King, who doesn’t necessarily have to maintain the top spot throughout the match; they just need to be at the pinnacle at the time of elimination.

The dynamics of the King can change during a match, providing opportunities for multiple Kingslayer kills. Players should vigilantly observe the leaderboard to pinpoint the current top scorer and track any fluctuations in rankings. Upon successfully eliminating the King, a confirmation notification appears on-screen, acknowledging the Operator Kingslayer kill.

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Executing the Strategy: Tips for Obtaining Operator Kingslayer Kills

  1. Identify the Top Scorer:
    • Pay attention to the leaderboard to ascertain the current King.
    • Note the operator skin of the top player for accurate identification.
  2. Tactical Map Utilization:
    • Use UAVs to locate the position of the King on the tactical map.
    • Stay aware of the top three scorers, as they are likely contenders for the King position.
  3. Choose the Right Moments:
    • Focus on obtaining Operator Kingslayer kills in smaller maps.
    • Opt for respawn modes such as Domination and Hardpoint for increased opportunities.
  4. Weapon Selection:
    • Equip powerful assault rifles for efficient takedowns.
    • Aim for headshots to ensure swift elimination.
  5. Stay Sharp and Agile:
    • Approach the top scorer cautiously, minimizing the risk of getting shot.
    • Strive to eliminate the King without succumbing to their firepower.
  6. Mode Considerations:
    • Note that Operator Kingslayer kills do not count in private or custom matches.

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