Call of Duty: How to Rank Up Fast in Modern Warfare 3 [Trick]

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The journey to the top is paved with challenges, rewards, and an array of lethal weaponry in the world of Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). As players progress through the 55 levels, the desire for better rifles, killstreaks, load-outs, and perks fuels the grind. However, navigating the path to greatness isn’t a straightforward task, and some challenges demand hours of dedication. To assist aspiring soldiers in their quest for dominance, here’s a guide on how to rank up fast in MW3.

Understanding XP Categories

In MW3, the leveling process revolves around three crucial XP categories: Weapon, Rank, and Battle Pass.

  • Weapon XP: This category upgrades the player’s arsenal, achievable by completing challenges or eliminating foes using base weapons.
  • Rank XP: Elevating the player’s rank to the maximum cap (level 55), unlocking essential elements such as killstreaks, field upgrades, lethal and tactical equipment, and armory.
  • Battle Pass XP: This XP variant provides access to tokens that unlock weapons, operators, and cosmetics.

The objective is to amass the highest amount of experience within a specific timeframe, and here are some strategies to achieve that feat.

1. Utilize XP Tokens

Harness the power of XP tokens to expedite your journey through the ranks. Navigate to the Multiplayer screen, access the XP window on the left side, and choose the XP type: Battle Pass, Rank, or Weapon. These tokens operate in real-time, lasting for 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Ensure that you can commit to playing during the entire token duration before activation.

2. Conquer Daily and Weekly Challenges

Daily and weekly challenges in MW3 present lucrative opportunities for XP accumulation. Daily challenges bestow 2,500 XP, while weekly challenges yield a substantial 10,000 XP. Embrace these challenges as a consistent source of valuable experience.

3. Optimize Game Modes

While both Multiplayer and Zombies offer XP, Multiplayer is the preferred arena for efficient XP farming. Engage in modes like Ground War, Confirmed, and Hardpoint, where extended match durations and rapid kill opportunities create an ideal environment for XP accumulation.

4. Strive for Victory

Victory is a gateway to additional XP tokens in MW3. Prioritize winning matches to unlock the full potential of XP-boosting tokens. Cultivate a winning mindset and conquer multiple matches to propel yourself rapidly up the ranks.

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