Call of Duty: ALL 55 Rewards in Modern Warfare 3 Progression

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beckons players into a world of intense multiplayer and zombie modes, where progression is marked by rewards that enhance the gaming experience. From loadout features to lethal equipment and powerful killstreaks, here’s a comprehensive guide to the rewards awaiting players as they climb the ranks from Level 1 to Level 55.

Level Rewards Breakdown:

Level 1-10: Establishing the Foundation

  • Players embark on their journey with challenges, loadout features, and the introduction of perks and equipment.
  • Notable rewards include the Guardian-SC Killstreak, the DG-58 LSW (LMG), and the Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade.

Level 11-20: Expanding the Arsenal

  • New weapon introductions, including the MTZ-556 (AR) and the BAS-B (AR).
  • Essential perks like Tac Mask and climbing equipment like Climbing Boots make their debut.
  • Players unlock the Overwatch Helo Killstreak, providing air support.

Level 21-30: The Handgun Saga

  • Players are equipped with the Renetti Handgun.
  • Vest perks such as Gunner Vest and Demolition Vest enhance survivability.
  • The introduction of the Mosquito Drone Killstreak adds tactical options to the battlefield.

Level 31-40: Unleashing Heavy Artillery

  • The powerful Juggernaut Recon Killstreak is unlocked.
  • Lethal equipment like the Throwing Knife and the Bruen MK9 (LMG) make their appearance.
  • Players gain access to the SAM Turret Killstreak, countering enemy air support.

Level 41-50: The Rise of Versatility

  • The versatile Holger 556 (AR) and RGL-80 Launcher join the arsenal.
  • Tactical options expand with the introduction of the Aether Shroud Field Upgrade and Decoy Grenade.
  • High-tier killstreaks like Chopper Gunner and Carpet Bomb become accessible.

Level 51-55: Mastery and Triumph

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  • The final stretch brings powerful handguns like the TYR and the AMR9 (SMG).
  • Players unlock Overkill Vest, providing additional loadout flexibility.
  • The Med Box Field Upgrade and Smoke Airdrop add strategic depth to the gameplay.

All the rewards in each level in Modern Warfare 3

Level 1Challenges Feature Counter Invasion Loadout Feature
Level 2Demolitionist Loadout Feature
Level 3Combat Controller Loadout Feature
Level 4Custom Loadouts, Infantry Vest Perk
Level 5Guardian-SC Killstreak
Level 6Comm Scrambler Field Upgrade
Level 7DG-58 LSW (LMG)
Level 8Claymore Lethal Equipment
Level 9Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade Remote Turret Killstreak
Level 10Engineer Vest Perk Tac Mask Perk
Level 11Mission Control Comlink Perk
Level 12MTZ-556 (AR)
Level 13Battle Rage Tactical Equipment
Level 14Overwatch Helo Killstreak
Level 15Ordnance Gloves Perk
Level 16Smoke Grenade Tactical Equipment
Level 17BAS-B (AR)
Level 18Scatter Mine Lethal Equipment
Level 19Healing Aura Field Upgrade Climbing Boots Perk
Level 20Gunner Vest Perk
Level 21Renetti Handgun
Level 22Deployable Cover Field Upgrade
Level 23Mosquito Drone Killstreak
Level 24Bone Conduction Headset Perk
Level 25Armory Unlocks
Level 26Juggernaut Recon Killstreak
Level 27WSP Swarm (SMG)
Level 28A.C.S Field Upgrade
Level 29Frost Blast Field Upgrade Commando Gloves Perk
Level 30Throwing Knife Lethal Equipment Demolition Vest Perk
Level 31Bruen MK9 (LMG)
Level 32Counter UAV Killstreak
Level 33Thermite Lethal Equipment
Level 34Mag Holster Perk
Level 35SAM Turret Killstreak
Level 36Backlight Flashlight Perk
Level 37Holger 556 (AR)
Level 38RGL-80 Launcher
Level 39Aether Shroud Field Upgrade Haymaker (Shotgun)
Level 40CCT Comms Vest Perk
Level 41Chopper Gunner Killstreak Portable Radar Field Upgrade
Level 42Decoy Grenade Tactical Equipment
Level 43L/R Detector Perk
Level 44MCW (AR)
Level 45Running Sneakers Perk Tactical Insertion Field Upgrade
Level 46Precision Airstrike Killstreak
Level 47Tactical Pads Perk
Level 48JOKR Launcher
Level 49Carpet Bomb Killstreak
Level 50TYR Handgun Overkill Vest Perk
Level 51Smoke Airdrop Field Upgrade
Level 52Scavenger Gloves Perk
Level 53Thermobaric Grenade Equipment
Level 54Stalker Boots Perk
Level 55Med Box Field Upgrade AMR9 (SMG)

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