Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3- All 6 Best Sniper Rifles

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Sniper enthusiasts in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have a diverse selection of rifles to choose from, each offering a unique balance of power, precision, and handling. Whether players prefer long-range engagements or a more aggressive playstyle, the game provides a variety of Sniper Rifles to suit different preferences.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best Sniper Rifles in MW3 and their distinctive characteristics.


Modern Warfare 3 Longbow

How to Unlock: Reach Level 4

The Longbow caters to players who favor a dynamic and aggressive approach to sniping. This lightweight sniper rifle boasts precision and a consistent rate of fire, making it suitable for those who prefer active participation on the battlefield. While it may not secure a one-shot kill to the chest, its powerful shots and decent recoil control make it a formidable choice.


Modern Warfare 3 KATT-AMR

How to Unlock: Reach Level 4

For those seeking devastation with every bullet, the KATT-AMR is a heavyweight sniper rifle dealing a significant amount of damage. With a .50 Caliber punch, it ensures fatal consequences for its targets. This rifle excels when used from elevated positions, capitalizing on its slow fire rate, potent recoil, and immense damage output.

KV Inhibitor

Modern Warfare 3 KV Inhibitor

How to Unlock: Reach Level 25

The KV Inhibitor combines modern design with lightweight characteristics, offering a discreet option for snipers. Featuring impressive damage and recoil control, this rifle is perfect for players who aim for quick and clean kills. Its well-balanced attributes make it a versatile choice for those who prefer a more agile sniping playstyle.

Victus XMR

Modern Warfare 3 Victus XMR

How to Unlock: Reach Level 55

The Victus XMR stands out as a hard-hitting, one-shot sniper rifle, utilizing tungsten sabot-tipped bullets for fast and powerful shots. Its high damage capability makes it lethal in the hands of a skilled marksman. However, its slower rate of fire and handling demands precision and accuracy for successful engagements.

FJX Imperium

Modern Warfare 3 FJX Imperium

How to Unlock: Reach Level 55

As a bolt-action sniper rifle, the FJX Imperium may lack in fire rate but compensates with incredible damage and range capabilities. Ideal for precise shots and countering enemy scorestreaks, this rifle excels in tense situations. Its substantial reserve ammunition ensures a lasting impact on the battlefield.

Signal 50

Modern Warfare 3 Signal 50

How to Unlock: Reach Level 55

Originally designed as an anti-material rifle, the Signal 50 proves its worth against flesh and bone. With improvements like a reciprocating barrel to mitigate recoil, this sniper rifle offers exceptional damage potential and recoil control. Each well-placed shot guarantees a kill, emphasizing its role as a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled sniper.

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