Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Decoded: The Unwritten Rules for Undead Survival

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As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies introduces a new and dynamic mode to the franchise, players need to adapt their strategies to navigate the open-world setting, mission structure, and challenges it presents. Here are some essential tips to maximize success in MWZ:

Optimize Loot Gathering:

When gearing up for the unpredictable world of MWZ, it’s crucial to make strategic decisions about loot gathering. Ensure the safety of your progress by gearing up three different Call of Duty Operators, especially given the mode’s instability, which may result in crashes and loot losses.

Obtaining Tier 3 vests from Mercenary Strongholds for three Operators can save valuable time. Additionally, keep mission objectives in mind while looting, particularly those required for coveted rewards like the Bone Collector skin and valuable schematics such as the Wunderwaffe DG-2 blueprint. Efficiently stashing various ammo mods like Dead Wires and Cryo Freezes during your loot expeditions can streamline your progress in future missions.

Approach Difficult Content with Preparation:

Tackling challenging content requires careful planning and preparation. Accumulate sufficient points to purchase superior weapons and essential items before engaging in tougher activities. Leverage the benefits of easy contracts, such as Cargo Deliveries, to earn money quickly.

When facing formidable challenges like the Legacy Fortress, adopt a cautious approach. Take it slow, utilize lock-on launchers for dealing with helicopters, prioritize ranged weapons and self-revives, and be wary of Mercenaries with pinpoint accuracy.

In Tier 3, prioritize weapon rarity over Pack-a-Punching, as an orange weapon from the wall in Tier 3 surpasses the strength of a fully upgraded green gun. Employ powerful killstreaks like the Juggernaut against Abominations, deploy Sentry Guns for handling regular Zombies, and consider the effectiveness of Deadbolt Turrets for efficient threat elimination. Early entry into Tier 3 to acquire orange wall guns can significantly boost your firepower.

By adopting these strategic approaches, players can enhance their effectiveness in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. As the mode unfolds dynamically, adaptability and proactive decision-making in loot gathering and mission execution will contribute significantly to your success.

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