Remnant 2: Discovering the Abyssal Hook Location and Strategies

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In the world of Remnant 2: Awakened King, sometimes a relentless assault isn’t the only way to conquer enemies. The Abyssal Hook, a formidable two-handed melee weapon, presents a unique strategy—locking foes in a perpetual stagger, rendering them defenseless against subsequent blows. Here’s a guide on where to find the Abyssal Hook and how to leverage its potential in your journey through the game.

Abyssal Hook Location: Navigating the Forlorn Coast

To claim the Abyssal Hook, players must traverse the Forlorn Coast map within the DLC. Progress until reaching the checkpoint at the Drowned Wen. Luckily, the Forlorn Coast remains relatively static, allowing players to acquire the Abyssal Hook without rerolling their Adventure Mode run.

  1. From the Drowned Wen checkpoint, venture into the garden trail area with shrubs and roaming pig dogs.
  2. Head to the right until you encounter a hollow well featuring a ladder leading down.
  3. Follow the underground path leading to the sewers, clearing enemies along the way.
  4. Ascend the ladder to the left in the first large room of the sewers.
  5. In the next room, eliminate two giant rat monsters, then proceed to the hallway on the left.
  6. Discover the Abyssal Hook resting on a pile of bones in one corner of the room.

Abyssal Hook: A Formidable Giant Anchor

The Abyssal Hook’s appearance may deceive, but its practicality makes it one of the most sought-after melee weapons. It employs the two-handed hammer’s moveset, enabling sweeping crowd control and powerful overhead swings. The weapon’s charged attacks and backstep follow-ups boast a high likelihood of hitting enemy weak spots.

An intrinsic mod, “Fathomless Deep,” accompanies the Abyssal Hook. This mod elevates the weapon’s melee stagger strength by 10% with each successful connection of charged attacks, stacking up to three times. Staggering enemies not only impedes their movement but also interrupts attacks mid-animation.

Strategies and Accessories to Amplify the Abyssal Hook’s Power

Players utilizing melee builds with the Challenger Archetype can maximize the Abyssal Hook’s potential through strategic accessories:

  1. Berserker’s Crest Ring (Yaesha): Enhances melee charge speed by 20% and reduces melee stamina costs by 25%, making it an ideal accessory for pairing with the Abyssal Hook.
  2. Butcher’s Fetish Amulet: Increases critical hit chance and damage after landing a charged attack on an enemy. Obtainable from Reggie for 1000 Scrap after completing the game on Veteran difficulty.

By combining the Abyssal Hook with these accessories, players can unleash devastating melee combos and dominate their adversaries. Mastering the art of perpetual stagger turns the Abyssal Hook into a formidable tool for players daring to explore the depths of Remnant 2: Awakened King.

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