Remnant 2: Unraveling the Mystery of Lost Dran Children

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In the perilous realm of Losomn in Remnant 2, players encounter a mysterious and corrupted species known as the Dran. Within this otherworldly landscape, an old lady, identified as the Oracle of the Dran, resides at a spinning wheel. Engaging with the Oracle and unraveling the mysteries surrounding her require players to embark on a quest known as “Lost Dran Children.” Here’s a comprehensive guide on navigating this in-game event.

Locating the Oracle of the Dran:

The Oracle of the Dran is a crucial character in Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or the Forsaken Quarter. However, players initially find communication with her restricted until they undertake the quest to locate and bring back the Lost Dran Children.

Finding the Lost Dran Children:

The Lost Dran Children event unfolds across several areas within the Losomn region, and players must discover at least two wandering Dran children to progress. The potential locations include:

  • Brocwithe Quarter, Losomn
  • Morrow Parish, Losomn
  • Forsaken Quarter, Losomn
  • Ironborough, Losomn

Due to the procedural generation in Remnant 2, the precise spawn points of the lost Dran children vary for each player. As players explore Dran city, they are likely to encounter a lost Dran child behind a house. Upon approach, the child initiates a run through the streets, requiring players to follow, protect, and ensure their safety from adversaries until the child comes to a stop.

Interacting with Lost Dran Children:

Once a Dran child halts, players can interact with them, prompting the child to return to the Oracle of the Dran’s orphanage. The child expresses gratitude through a bow and heads towards the wooden ladder near the orphanage entrance.

Players need to repeat this process for at least two lost Dran children to progress in the quest.

Meeting the Oracle of the Dran:

After successfully escorting the lost Dran children to the orphanage, players gain access to interact and converse with the Oracle of the Dran.

Rewards for Completing the Event:

Completing the Lost Dran Children event yields valuable rewards. The Oracle of the Dran introduces herself and grants players a trait called “Recovery.” This trait enhances the traveler’s stamina regeneration, providing a crucial advantage during intense encounters.

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