Warcraft Rumble: Strategies for Leveling Up Quickly

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In Warcraft Rumble, your Collection Level is a pivotal aspect of your progression, enhancing your ability to level up minis and earn more XP from various activities. Elevating your Collection Level involves strategic decisions and focused efforts. This guide unveils effective strategies to fast-track your journey to mastery.

1. Acquire New Minis for Swift Collection Level Gains

When aiming for a rapid increase in your Collection Level, prioritizing the acquisition of new minis is key. While talents and upgrades contribute to progress, collecting new minis significantly boosts your Collection Level.

With a total of 54 minis available, each costing 90 (120 for leaders), diligently working towards completing your base collection is paramount. As you accumulate all minis, you’ll witness a substantial surge in your Collection Level, potentially reaching the double digits.

2. Upgrade Minis: Stars and Rarity Matter

To further enhance your Collection Level, focus on upgrading minis by purchasing stars for them. Upgrading a mini’s rarity not only grants a free level but also adds a Talent slot, contributing to your Collection Level.

Monitor the number of Stars required for the upgrade and ensure you have sufficient Arclight Power to complete it. While Uncommon units may demand 3 Stars and 500 Arclight Power, the requirements escalate for rare, epic, and legendary upgrades.

3. Level Up Minis: Combat, Quests, and Tomes

Mini ranks play a vital role in Collection Level progression. They gain ranks as they accumulate XP, derived from various sources influenced by your Collection Level. Engaging in battles, completing quests, and obtaining Tomes contribute to XP.

Each time a mini levels up, your Collection Level receives a corresponding boost. Although the increase is relatively modest compared to acquiring new units or upgrading minis, it acts as a passive method to elevate your Collection Level.

If you find yourself on the cusp of the next Collection Level rank, consider leveraging XP boosts from the shop or undertaking quests to tip the scales.

In summary, mastering Warcraft Rumble’s Collection Level involves a strategic blend of acquiring new minis, upgrading their stars and rarity, and focusing on mini-leveling activities. By implementing these tactics, you can efficiently ascend the ranks and unlock the full potential of your mini-army.

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