Dalbir Kaur Biography, Age, Birth & Family, Career, Physical Status

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Dalbir Kaur Biography, Age, Birth & Family, Career, Physical Status, Early Life and Family and more

Dalbir Kaur is the sister of Indian national Sarbjit Singh who was trapped and imprisoned in Pakistan. Later, he was convicted due to a fake blast case allegation. Dalbir stood for her brother and demanded justice to free him.

Early Life

Dalbir Kaur was born on 28 May, 1955 in Bhikhiwind, Punjab, India. Her brother’s name was Sarbjit Singh who was jailed in Pakistan. Dalbir Kaur had struggled her whole life, asking for justice for her brother, who was trapped in Pakistan’s jail.
As per the reports and surveys, she did her schooling in India. Earlier Dalbir Kaur was married to Baldev Singh, her siblings include Sarabjit Singh, Harbajan Singh, Charanjit Singh.


NameDalbir Kaur
Full NameDalbir Kaur
Date of birth28 May, 1955
Age67 years (as of 2022)
Place of BirthBhikhiwind, Punjab, India
HometownBhikhiwind, Punjab, India
Death26 June 2022

Her struggle for Justice for her brother Sarabjit Singh

  • Sarabjit Singh was unfortunately caught & imprisoned by the official Pakistani nations, for crossing the national border. He was accused of being a spy in Pakistan & claimed to be a terrorist in the Pakistan nation & imprisoned for allegedly carrying out the blast in the country. Reportedly he was accused of coming to the country “Pakistan” in the disguise of “Manjit Singh”.
  • Later, Sarabjit Singh was convicted for the blast case & in 1991 & sentenced to death, some found his death to be planned and his execution was determined by government authorities. Dalbir Kaur claimed her brother was trapped by mistake at the border & Dalbir Kaur’s legal battle of bringing him back to India. Dalbir Kaur ,his sister,raised her voice for her brother who was in the jail in the country Pakistan and struggled to get justice for her brother, later on her struggle & voice was recognized by the international & national media, many people stood beside her to free the “Sarabjit”.
  • Sadly,Dalbir’s struggle ended in tears and according to news Sarabjit Singh was beaten up in the Pakistani jail in “Kot Lakhpat Jail Pakistan” on April 26, 2013, & became a free man.

The movie “Sarabjit”

Dalbir’s plight was showcased through a movie called “Sarabjit”, where the movie covered the story of Sarabjit Singh & Dalbir Kaur and was a screenplay by actors Randeep Hooda & Aishwariya Rai”, other casts were Anjur Bhatia, Ankita Shrivastava, Darshan Kumar, Shiwani Saini, Ram Murti Sharma and more.

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