Effective YouTube Ad Blockers in November 2023: How to Block, Get Around, and Remove YouTube Ads

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YouTube’s recent introduction of an ad block blocker has sent ripples through the online community. This move has triggered a wave of frustration among users. To address this, here’s a comprehensive guide aimed at clearing the confusion and providing a plethora of methods to block ads on different devices.



For those on PC or Mac devices, the most reliable method for ad blocking on the vanilla YouTube site is through ad blocking extensions. Among these, uBlock Origin stands out with a high success rate. This open-source, community-driven project offers effective ad blocking. Regularly updating your filter lists is essential due to YouTube’s daily changes in detection methods.

However, caution is advised regarding other ad-blocking extensions found on the Chrome Web Store, as they might have a lower success rate. An alternative with promising results is Fadblock, although it’s no longer open-source. Hence, starting with uBlock Origin is recommended.


Avoid stacking multiple blocking extensions simultaneously, as it might lead to functionality issues or even cause blocks. Using a VPN might include DNS blocking, potentially restricting access to YouTube videos. Additionally, some browsers come with built-in ad-blocking mechanisms, which might interfere with YouTube playback. Disabling these might resolve the issue.


Consider exploring alternative browsers such as Firefox and Brave, known for their privacy features, regular updates, and open-source nature. Using these browsers coupled with uBlock Origin can offer a seamless ad-free YouTube experience.

Alternative Frontends

Opting for alternative frontends like FreeTube, Piped, Invidious, or Poketube presents a fantastic ad-free YouTube experience. These alternatives not only eliminate advertisements but also offer additional features like high-quality video options, downloads, and sponsor blocking.


On Android devices, sideloading alternative YouTube clients becomes a viable option to enjoy ad-free content. Apps like YouTube Vanced and NewPipe offer ad-free experiences, background playback, and more. Although ad blockers might work on the mobile website, the video quality might be limited.


For iOS users, sideloading apps is more complicated. Tools like AltStore and SideStore facilitate the sideloading process, but require a computer and a USB cable for setup. Additionally, Luna VPN is reported to work on iOS. Notably, changes in EU laws may soon enable Apple to support sideloading from alternative stores, reducing the need for complex workarounds.


In light of YouTube’s evolving ad-block blocking tactics, the community has rallied to find ways to restore an ad-free YouTube experience across various devices. By employing a combination of browser extensions, alternative frontends, and mobile app alternatives, users can bypass YouTube’s ads and enjoy their favorite content uninterrupted.

Remember, while these methods provide ad-free experiences for now, ongoing vigilance and adaptability are key as platforms like YouTube continue to evolve their countermeasures against ad blocking. Ultimately, the choice of method depends on individual preferences and the device used, but these options provide a solid foundation for reclaiming an ad-free YouTube experience.

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