Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Unlock the Interstellar Mastery Camo [Quick Guide]

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The Interstellar Camo stands as the ultimate mastery camo in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer, a coveted prize for those willing to endure the lengthy and challenging grinding process. With its animated tie-and-dye pattern adorned with bright white spots, this camo serves as a symbol of completionist achievement, not to mention bragging rights on the battlefield.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how players can unlock the Interstellar Mastery Camo:

The Grind for Interstellar Mastery Camo

  1. Complete Base Camos:
    • Achieve all four base camos for 36 different weapons.
  2. Unlock Gilded Camo:
    • Attain the Gilded Camo for the same set of 36 weapons.
  3. Forged Camo Unlock:
    • Unlock the Forged Camos by earning Gilded Camos in a specific weapon category (e.g., assault rifles).
  4. Complete Forged Camo Challenges:
    • Conquer the Forged Camo Challenges for all weapons within the selected category.
  5. Earn Priceless Camos:
    • Complete 36 Forged Camos to unlock the Priceless Camos.
  6. Priceless Camo Challenges:
    • Tackle the challenges associated with the 36 Priceless Camos for rifles with the Forged Camo unlocked.
  7. Completion:
    • Successfully complete all 36 Priceless Camo challenges.

Best Approach to Unlocking Interstellar Camo

Players can optimize their path to the Interstellar Camo by strategically choosing a weapon category, such as assault rifles or submachine guns, to begin the mastery camo journey. Starting with base camos for a manageable category allows for smoother progression.

Significance of Interstellar Camo

The Interstellar Camo isn’t just a visual upgrade; it signifies the completion of all mastery camo challenges in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer. Players should take pride in their achievement, as the journey to unlock this camo is a testament to their dedication and skill in the game.

Future Challenges and Camos

While the Interstellar Camo marks the culmination of multiplayer challenges, players can anticipate additional completionist camo challenges in Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode. The arrival of Season 1 may bring new opportunities for players to showcase their skills and earn more prestigious camos.

As with other MW3 mastery camos, it’s important to note that the Interstellar Mastery Camo is exclusive to Modern Warfare 3 weapons. Players moving on to weapons carried forward from MW2 will encounter a fresh set of completionist camos, including Orion, Polyatomic, Platinum, and Gold.

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