Fortnite OG: Release Dates for Seasons 9 and X Revealed

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As the Fortnite community indulges in a trip down memory lane with the nostalgic Season OG, the anticipation for Seasons 9 and X is reaching a crescendo. Season OG, offering a throwback to Chapter 1, has been a delightful journey through the original Fortnite map, updating weekly to mirror the progression from Season 5 to Season X. In this guide, we unveil the timeline for the arrival of Seasons 9 and X in Fortnite OG.

November 23, 2023: Unlocking the Next Chapter

The recently rolled-out v27.11 update on November 21 stirred excitement among players, marking the prelude to the eagerly awaited Seasons 9 and X. However, the Fortnite tradition dictates that updates drop on Tuesdays but come to life on Thursdays. Hence, despite the content patch being available for download, the unfolding of Seasons 9 and X is scheduled for November 23 at 9 AM ET.

What Awaits in Seasons 9 and X: Unveiling the Fortnite OG Time Capsule

Season 9 and X are poised to enrich the Season OG experience with a plethora of items and locations that defined those eras. The meticulous integration of these elements unfolds through patch updates, gradually transforming the landscape and gameplay.

The journey commenced with Season 5, laying the foundation for the Season OG experience. Subsequent patches traversed through Seasons 6, 7, and 8, weaving together the tapestry of Fortnite’s evolving history. Items and named locations from each era made their triumphant return, adding layers of complexity to the familiar terrain.

The v27.11 update, a precursor to Seasons 9 and X, instigated the inclusion of game files teasing what lies ahead. Season 9 and X items and locations were strategically embedded in the third patch of Fortnite Season OG, setting the stage for a comprehensive and nostalgic revival.

Moreover, the ingenuity of the updates extends beyond a mere replication of bygone seasons. The patch not only unvaulted Season 5 items during Season 6 but also reintroduced items and Points of Interest (POIs) from Seasons 7 and 8 simultaneously. A notable addition is the incorporation of an entire biome, injecting fresh dynamics into the Season OG map.

As players brace themselves for the arrival of Seasons 9 and X, the Fortnite OG landscape is on the brink of a transformation that promises an immersive blend of nostalgia and contemporary excitement. The weekly updates continue to unfold a carefully curated time capsule, allowing players to relive the rich history of Fortnite’s earlier chapters.

Fortnite Map Changes: Old vs. New – What’s In, What’s Out

Fortnite’s dynamic landscape is ever-evolving, with periodic map changes that dictate the gaming experience. The transition from old to new brings a mix of additions and removals. Here’s a breakdown of the notable alterations:


Named locations:

  1. Tilted Towers
  2. Retail Row


  • Clingers
  • Buried Treasure
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Poison Dart Trap
  • Suppressed Assault Rifle
  • Balloons


Named locations:

  1. Neo Tilted
  2. Pressure Plant
  3. Mega Mall


  1. Heavy Sniper Rifle
  2. Proximity Grenade Launcher
  3. Air Strike
  4. Junk Rift
  5. Storm Flip
  6. Jetpack
  7. The Baller

Stay tuned as Fortnite’s map continues to evolve, offering fresh challenges and opportunities for players in this ever-shifting battleground.

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